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Prashant Srivastava
2010 Elliott Card Champion

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2010 Prashant Srivastava

Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge

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The Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge honors the memory of Maine's foremost card manipulator. When exhibiting before the public, Elliott wore a handsome gold, diamond-studded Howard watch, attached to which was a fob of unique and (for a card manipulator) most appropriate design. This fob consisted of four gold frames which held, under glass, the four Aces of a Junior-sized deck. This beautiful fob was presented to Elliott in 1894 by the card manipulators of Boston; attached to its upper and lower ends by miniature gold rings were gold plates upon which were engraved his name and title-firmly linked together for over twenty-two years - "James William Elliott, Champion Card Manipulator of the World."

The Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge shall be held according to the following rules.

Date of Contest: The Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge shall be held at a Ring meeting in the month of April, to mark the anniversary of Dr. Elliott's birth on April 27, 1874.

Contest Officials: There shall be at least one Contest Official who is a Ring member. This Contest Official shall not be a contestant. It shall be the responsibility of the Contest Official(s) to see that the rules of the Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge are correctly followed. A single Contest Official shall be responsible for security. Contest Official(s) shall be appointed by the President.

Contestants: Those wishing to attempt the Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge shall be Ring members or guests; in either case, they must be members in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. There shall be at least two contestants.

Judging: The winner of the Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge shall be determined by a secret ballot of the members witnessing the performances of the contestants. Contestants are entitled to vote. "Members," in this case, refers to members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, who need not be members of I.B.M. Ring 362. Contestants are entitled to vote.

Official Decks: The Contest Official in charge of security shall acquire a suitable supply of quality decks of standard playing cards in either poker or bridge size. This Contest Official shall not communicate to any Ring member the exact card design until the beginning of the contest, and shall strive to avoid designs commonly used by magicians (e.g. Bicycle), in order to foil attempts to introduce extraneous cards during performance.

Rules: The order of performance of the contestants shall be determined by chance. Contestants shall be given a new deck of cards at the beginning of their performance and given up to ten minutes to perform. The deck shall have the plastic wrapper removed and the seal broken or removed. The deck shall be placed on the table provided for performers prior to the beginning of each performance. At the conclusion of each performance, the cards and card case may be collected and secured at the option of the Contest Official. Judges shall determine the winner, and in the event of disqualification, a new winner.

Disqualification: The Contest Official may, at his or her option, verify the integrity of each deck collected at the conclusion of the contest by, minimally, examining and counting the cards in each deck. Any evidence that foreign cards have been added to the deck shall result in immediate disqualification of the contestant. Removal of cards from the deck, for example the removal of advertising cards or Jokers, or the destruction of cards by signing, tearing, burning, or other means is permissible.

Award: The winner of the Dr. James William Elliott Card Challenge shall be noted in the Ring report to be published in The Linking Ring, and recognized in the Ring newsletter and web site. A list of the winners of the award shall be maintained on the Ring's web site, and shall be published annually in the Ring's newsletter. A trophy shall be awarded to the winner on a suitable occasion as determined by the Board.

The trophy shall be a traditional trophy not less than 12 inches in total height, topped with a Winged Victory and bearing an engraved message giving the I.B.M. Ring Number, the year, and the words "Elliott Card Champion."

Who was Dr. James William Elliott?
by Scot Grassette

Dr. James William ElliottIn our quest for a name of the new Ring I would like to suggest the "Dr. James William Elliott Ring." The good doctor hailed from Rumford Maine, and while attending college in Boston he befriended Harry Houdini. Elliott is most well known for creating and perfecting the front-back palm.

Elliott died in Boston of diabetes, and on his deathbed he asked Houdini and Clinton Burgess if they could go to his father's house in Rumford to gather his notes and publish them in a book later titled "Elliott's Last Legacy". Elliott's grave site is several miles from where I live.

Here is some information on Elliott that I found at

Elliott was a very popular magician. Particularly some of his card effects were considered best of its kind. Nobody knew the secrets to some of Elliott's tricks. People waited impatiently for the release of this book. But it was met with some disappointment that not all of Elliott's tricks were described. We do not know which tricks these critics mean. The reason might well be that Elliott died before he could finish his book. Burgess and Houdini had to collect Elliott's notes and fill in some of the missing explanations. However, Elliott and Houdini believed that all the material in this book was new and has never before been published.

Elliott's Last Legacy

1st edition, 1923, Adams; reprint, 1980, Coles, Canada; 324 pages.


PERSONALITY by Clinton Burgess
EULOGIUM by Dr. Ezra Lee Buckey


Baseball, Magical
Floating, The
Fortune-telling, Right, Left, Centre
Vanished Beyond Recovery

Chameleon, A
Milk Baby, The
Puzzling the Prohibitionist

Japanese Magic Occidentalized
Self-filling Box

Just Enough, Yet An Abundance

Advantage, Elliott's Palm
Bat, Improved Cricket
Combination, For Card Location
Card Stacking for Exhibition Games
Control, Mechanical
Deck, Elliott's Nailed
Fan Off From Vest
Feat With the Feet, A
Floating Card Houlette
Giant Card Houlette
Jumping Card
Elliott's Cards, Plates and Goblets
Loading Extra Card Packet on Deck
Luck, Science or Hokum?
Elliott's 52-Card Poker Combination
Elliott's (New) Numerical Card Producers
The Elliott Method of Card Marking
Nine Card Trick
Novel Card Change
Elliott's, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Card Productions From Body
Effective, Simplex Mechanical Card Production
Rising, The Giant
Scissors, The
Sleight for Card in Lemon, Etc.
Target, New Card
Think Stop

Force, A Natural Sure-Fire
Giant Fan of
Location, Card
Palm, The Elliott, Ducrot Change-over
Pass, The Elliott
Pass, Elliott's Riffle
Pass, Houdini's
Two Effective Moves by Houdini
Acrobatic Rising Card
Production of Selected Card, A New Way
The "O. K." Card Trick
Reverse, Invisible
Spelling Card
Tearing Deck in Two
An Original Method of Palming

Automatic Hat-loading
Novel Chair for Huge Loads
Explosion Chair
Chair-cover, Correct Dimensions of

Wine and Water Variation

Single-handed Production From Nose

Fabric, Glass, Metal, Etc.

An Ingenious Die "Form"

The Art of

Secret Method of, for Borrowed Articles

Box, Self-filling
Dropper, Welsh Miller's
Money Melting, Elliott
Wand, Welsh Miller's Original

Wire Form for

Hand-shake, A Shocking
Tray, The Touch-me-not

"Growth of Flowers," Kellar's
Spectacular Effect for Same
Additional Spectacular Effect

Table, Miller's, for Penetration Effects
Vanishing, Unique

The Human Hand
Hand Versus Eye

Obedient Handkerchiefs
Stand, Silk Producing

Bird and Cage, Vanishing Effect
Cage and Bird Vanishing
"Black Artists," Hints to
Cabinet Curtains
Cards, Comical Effect for Rising
Cards, DeKolta's, A More Effective Way
Cards, Palming, Advantage for
Celluloid for Magical Purposes
Chinese Names, Genuine
Cleaning Fabric, Glass, Etc.
Code Communication, Simplex
Color, Flesh, to Mix
Color Value
Duplicate Articles, Identification of
Efficiency, Professional
Egg-bag, Novel Presentation
Live-Stock, Care of
Mirrors for Illusions
Palming Advantage
Paraphernalia, Scale of, and Detail
Passe-passe Bottle Effect
Precaution, Professional
Servante for Vest, Simplex

"Anchor" or "Cross," Improved
Book of History, The
Bottled Authors
Broom Witch, The
Change of Living Subjects
Concealment, Old Method of Human
Counterweight, Regarding
"C Y S I," (or) "Can You Solve It?"
Elixir of Life, The
Metamorphosis, A Novel
Patriotic, Novel Spectacular
Prisoner, The Pierced
Queen Queer, H. R. H.
Refrigeration Extraordinary
Tall Illusion, Regarding Unusually
Tenibac Mystery, The
Thread of Life
Thimble Lady
Trunk, Triple
Walking on Water

Incubation, Incredible
Rabbits, Magical, Why White
Rabbits Instead of Roses
Stunts With the "Anermiles"
Live Stock, Care of

Chair, Novel
Front, Table
Huge, Non-body

Invisible Cow

A List of 120 Musical Compositions, Suitable for Magical and Mystery Performances, Embracing 15 Marches, 12 Waltzes, 63 Miscellaneous and Oriental Oddities, 14 Additional Compositions and 16 National and Patriotic Airs

Hindoo Sticks, Self-working
Japanese Magic Occidentalized

Practical Value of in Magic

Genuine Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
Improved Examined Rings on Cord

Reversible, Chair

Spencerian, The

Trapless, Yet All Traps

"Experimental Telepathy With Playing Cards"

Original Coin, Welsh Miller's
Rising, Welsh Miller's


Noiseless in Operation